• How to win slot machines (cheats, hacks and scams)

  • How to win slot machines (cheats, hacks and scams)

    In properly designed slots that work with real random number generators, it is theoretically impossible to win. But in fact, there are many documented cases where players managed to cheat slots and win a much larger amount than the casino owners allowed.

    Many of these tricks are blatant theft. They include tools for manipulating the hardware of the gaming machine, namely, a coin dispenser or note acceptor. Some schemes required the participation of a casino employee who would help manipulate the slot machine.

    In other players, just lucky. They managed to find a failure in the software and use it to their advantage.

    However, lately (2009-2018) the most interesting incident was the story of a Russian guy from St. Petersburg who was able to successfully predict the results of the spins on some models of slot machines and used this to his advantage to earn millions at casinos around the world .

    This story is so breathtaking that I decided to delve into this topic and conduct a deeper analysis of the methods that he used.

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